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Council Tax Arrears

If you have council tax arrears, KPMG are here to help. We have years of experience helping thousands of people become debt free in Scotland.

If not dealt with, council tax arrears can become a serious issue.

If you fail to pay council tax, your local authority can take serious steps to recover what they are owed. You may have to deal with increasing pressure from Sheriff Officers, and eventually councils may arrest your wages, or petition for your Sequestration (Scottish term for bankruptcy).

If you have Scottish council tax arrears, you need to act now. KPMG can help you plan a debt free future.  Our advisers can contact the council on your behalf, taking the stress out the process.

So why delay? Contact KPMG today for free, confidential advice.  We will take the time to fully assess your situation, and explain all the options available to you.  If appropriate, we can help you apply for a formal debt solution such as the Debt Arrangement Scheme, a Protected Trust Deed, or Bankruptcy.

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