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If you are struggling with your finances, a debt consolidation loan may seem a tempting solution to your problems.

If you are paying off multiple debts such as those on credit cards, store cards or payday loans, the thought of having a single monthly payment may look appealing at first glace. However, there are disadvantages to these loans you should be aware of.    

Depending on the terms of your loan and your personal circumstances, this type of debt consolidation has the potential to make your financial situation worse, and may mean you pay more interest in the long term. 

Consolidate Your Debt Without Loans

At KPMG we provide a number of solutions that will allow you to reduce your monthly debt repayments without taking additional loans. 

If you live in Scotland, and have over £4,000 worth of debt, you may be eligible for a formal debt solution such as the Debt Arrangement Scheme, a Protected Trust Deed, or Bankruptcy.

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