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Advice on Rent Arrears

If you’re struggling to keep up with your rent payments and have built up arrears, it is important to seek expert advice quickly.

During the COVID-19 disruption, some landlords have offered tenants payment breaks, or options to reduce their payments.

While these measures have been a relief to many, they are short term in nature and will likely come to an end soon. Once this happens, tenants may be required to return to their original payments, and also make up any shortfall from the previous period. This will create issues for many, who will now require to explore other avenues to break the long-term cycle of debt.

KPMG has helped thousands of people living in Scotland many of whom have had rent arrears. If you are struggling to pay what you owe, contact our experts today for free, confidential advice.

Our team will ask you some straightforward questions to build a picture of your overall financial situation, and advise if you are eligible for a formal debt solution such as a Protected Trust Deed, the Debt Arrangement Scheme, or Sequestration (Bankruptcy in Scotland).

When you enter into any of the above solutions, you will make one monthly contribution towards your debt, which is based on what you can afford after meeting your normal living costs.

Once the debt solution is approved, you will be legally protected against creditor action to recover outstanding debt, and we can speak to landlords on your behalf to try and prevent eviction wherever possible.

KPMG have been providing debt advice to people living in Scotland for over 20 years. Our friendly and experienced team are here to help, and available 6 days a week. To get in touch, call us today on 0141 300 5656, or book a callback below.

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